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Highbridge, Somerset | Runcorn, Cheshire | Felixstowe, Suffolk


We Provide a variety of salts and minerals for large UK feed mills, producers and direct to farmers across the agricultural industry. We have salts that are approved for use in organic processes.



Whether as a spice, culinary salt or preservative, we provide a steady supply to large and boutique food producers as an essential ingredient, we have salts that are approved for use in organic processes



We offer potassium, magnesium, sodium products in various purity grades and granulations as well as numerous services for many industries across the UK, Europe & Worldwide.


Winter De-Icing Salts

With our de-icing salts we enable highways authorities, contract salt gritting companies, businesses and the general public to provide clear and safe roads and paths


Water Softening

With an extensive list of high purity, specially formulated salts for the purpose of water softening and water treatment, products can be packaged or delivered in bulk tanker form.



As the cosmetic industry continues to grow, we import a large amount of specialist cosmetic salts, ranging from Persian to dead sea salt, Himalayan, epsom and hand harvested salts.


New Products

Salt Express supplies a comprehensive
product list throughout the UK

New Products

Salt Express are pleased to announce a range of new products including; Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Sulphite, Soda Crystals and Epsom Salts

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Customers Own Label

Salt Express are able to pack all salts that we provide in customers own label packs. Whether 1kg pouches or 1200kg packages customers can have their name that they purchase.. Please enquire to

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Our facilities

Use of a 50,000 kg (50 tonne) weighbridge, Use of mobile or permanent container ramps, forklifts.

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Our service

We distribute across the UK and provide a quick and efficient service for all our customers’ requirements.

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Production & Packing Facilities

Salt Express Somerset site is a registered food production facility (ISO 2200), enabling us to pack all salts, including food grade for human consumption and cosmetic for health and beauty use.


Delivery Scheduling

We can offer a range of deliveries to suit your requirements including – AM, PM dedicated days and timed deliveries


Experienced & Specialist Salt

Importers & Exporters of salt commodities, animal feed commodities and minerals for over 25 years

Customer Focused

We work with our customers to source, produce and deliver quality products, with partnerships in Europe and Asia, we can procure specialist products that are not readily available in the UK

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Salt Express expands Salt Express expands Salt Express expands

Having a salt supply contract in place before winter ensures your business operations run smoothly and safely. We offer various options for our commercial customers. Read on to find out more