One of the UK's leading Salt suppliers and distributors. Salt Express specialise in supplying a variety of salts, from natural sea salts and salt for specialist organic food producers; numerous products for water treatment; products for the pharmacutical industry; the animal feed industry; and products for ice and snow clearance.

Salt Express® was formed in 1989 with a view to becoming a leading independent and alternative salt processor, distributor for the salt user of the United Kingdom. This achieved, we aim to remain a leader and are committed to listening to our customers salt requirements and needs. Salt Express® branded products were introduced, to further demonstrate our knowledge and commitment to the varied products we supply.

Salt Express delivers a range of salt across the UK from our Headquarters in Somerset and our newly acquired site in Runcorn near Liverpool, to all major cities including; London, Glasgow, Southampton, Edinburgh, Hull, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Canterbury.

Latest News

New Products

Salt Express are pleased to annouce a range of new products including; Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Sulphite, Soda Crystals and Epsom Salts Click here for more information

Customers Own Label

Salt Express are able to pack all salts that we provide in customers own label packs. Whether 1kg pouches or 1200kg packages customers can have their name and their artwork on the packs of salt that they purchase. Please enquire to

About Salt Express

With its distribution and distributor points throughout the United Kingdom, we are always in close proximity to our customer base. Click here for more information

Our Facilities

Use of a 50,000 kg (50 tonne) weighbridge, Use of mobile or permanent container ramps, forklifts. Click here for more information


Dead Sea BATH Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salts, Iodised Salts Click here for more information