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With its distribution and distributor points throughout the United Kingdom, we are always in close proximity to our customer base. Thus ensuring that their salt requirements, whether large or small, bulk or bagged, are not only easily met but that they are speedily and exactly dealt with. With six holding depots in Edinburgh (Scotland), Runcorn (Cheshire), Highbridge (Somerset), Penzance (Cornwall), Snodland (Kent) and Ipswich (Suffolk) this is easily achieved.

So in offering our customers 'The One Stop Salt Shop' we are able to supply:

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Celebrating 25 Years

To celebrate His 25 years involvement in the salt world, the director of Salt Express decided to celebrate His achievement by bringing to the fleet of vehicles a new arrival.

Not a new vehicle…no…. a classic 1967 ERF Powder tanker, one which unknown to Him would need very exhaustive and extensive work to re-store it to its original state of service plus meeting with the modern legal roadworthy requirements and return it to the purpose it was built for, and to advertise Salt Express in a unique way.

Having only ever worked for Nelstrops Flour Stockport, the truck was named the “Silkworm” by Nelstrops in recognition of one of the many stagecoach services which once ran from or through their Homebase in Stockport in the 17th century.

The Vintage Commercial Vehicles magazine edition number 86 February 1997, carried an article on its then owner Mr Hodgson who used to exhibit Silkworm, but just as interestingly His conversion of the tank itself, to accommodate a proper living quarter.

Mr Hodgson installed a door opening that led to kitchen/cooker one side,seating area on the other. This then led on to sleeping quarters consisting of two single beds; and then finally a shower cubicle and wash basin.

"Silkworm" has gone off for a full restoration, which will take many caring and detailed hours, and research to enable a correct re-build. A re-build by one of the few craftsman/specialist in the country.

We hope that "Silkworm" will run the English Highways once again, this time delivering salt to Salt Express Limiteds locally based customers and that on Its travels, "Silkworm" will bring pleasure to many who see Her.